Saturday, 12 December 2015

Manchester Christmas Markets

Ok so I love Christmas. Like a lot. I practically wait all year for December because it's just my favourite time of the year. Aaaand since moving to Manchester my love of Christmas has only grown, there's so much to do and see around here at Christmas time so everything just seems more exciting.
But obviously the main attraction for this time of year is the Christmas Markets that are dotted all around Manchester city centre. I've been to the markets a few times over the last several years but was excited to be living so close by this year, meaning I could take a trip into town and have a nosey around whenever I fancied it. 

The markets are a must-visit for anyone who likes this time of year, they really do offer a bit of everything from quirky gift ideas to amazing food and drinks (the best Baileys hot chocolate and those coconut macaroons are to die for) and if you weren't feeling the festivities at first I guarantee a visit here will change your mind. 

The majority of the market stalls are set up right outside the cathedral at Albert Square, which is where the giant Santa sits (I heard a rumour it's supposed to be Zippy but I'm not so sure..) and the whole area looks amazing. 

A lot of the stalls are also popped up down side streets and different parts of town so you can really spend a whole day just wandering around and getting lost in all the Christmassy goodness and treat your loved ones (or yourself) to some really nice gifts. 

I managed to pick up a fair few Christmas presents for family and friends and had a really lovely day exploring and taking in the sights, who knew Manchester could look so pretty?! 
Anyway I'm now in full Christmas mode and I'm excited to revisit the markets as soon as I get the chance because I'm sure there's some parts I probably haven't even seen yet..